WAMPServer d (64 bit) 2.1

A program for developers to assist in creating applications in MySQL database and PHP Apache2

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    d (64 bit) 2.1

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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WAMPServer d (64 bit) 2.1
WAMPServer 2.1 d

A place to tune up your servers, create framework for apps and to have full access to a PHP Apache2 and MySQL database, WAMPserver 64-bit is a professional download that almost any PC user can get and take advantage of.

An Overview of WAMPserver 64-bit

Even if you're a PC user, you probably still have a smartphone and use all sorts of apps in your daily life. This is just the way of the modern world today. However, have you ever wondered where those apps come from and how they're built? Believe it or not, most people who create apps do so by using the Apache2 servers and MySQL database, and you can also do this by using the WAMPserver 64-bit program. All you really need here is a Windows OS that's 64-bit, not 32-bit. This means you can have anything from 2000 or XP all the way up to 8 or even 10. You can download and install this free software and begin making apps if you wish to.

Much more than giving you access to the same servers, WAMPserver is actually a huge environment, which can be likened to an open-world game. Basically, you can go anywhere and do practically anything you want, and you can rest assured that this environment is safe and interactive. If you do want to create apps, then this is the perfect way to give them the functionality needed to operate well on a wide variety of smartphone platforms.

What WAMPserver 64-bit Is and What It Does

To be honest, you have to be pretty tech savvy to understand what's going on under the hood here. No amount of technical jargon used in this review is going to make sense to you unless you already understand what you're going to find on the Apache2 and MySQL database. Essentially, this is a program for programmers. Unless you understand programming, you're just going to be wasting space with this download. That being said, WAMPserver is very intuitive for programmers. You won't have to sit there and flesh out every single keystroke of code; this intuitive program will fill in a lot of the blanks, so to speak, and thus cut your workload down tremendously.

It's a pretty clean and neat-looking layout too. Although it's very busy with categories like Localhold, phpMyAdmin, SQLiteManager categories, and other tabs, programmers can easily figure out where to go, what to do, and the creation of apps is definitely streamlined here. Though if you're not in to creating apps, you can still customize your own servers with a lot of nifty tricks and tools offered by this program. As long as you have a Windows OS, you should be able to download and operate this program without issue.

Pros and Cons


  • Tons of tools you can use here
  • Total control of WAMPserver functionality
  • Gives you many options to use for apps and servers
  • Program is entirely free to use


  • Only useful if you're a legit programmer
  • No tutorials to assist in learning the platform
  • The UI itself is not very intuitive but rather bulky

WampServer 64-Bit is a robust web development stack or platform that runs under Windows. It is a complete web server with full database and PHP support. It is perfect for testing web applications on your local machine as well as for running local versions of a wiki, CMS, or other web application.

If you write your code on a Windows PC, having a local testing environment can save you the hassle of uploading files every time you make a change. You can make updates, make sure they work well locally, and then you can deploy the new files to your production server. In addition to saving you time, this system lets you catch errors before they go live on your site.

WampServer includes the latest versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin. It is actively updated, and you can add additional components if they are needed.

Unlike some other stacks, WampServer does not come with an FTP server. There are many excellent servers reviewed on this site if you need that functionality.

WampServer is designed to install and run without much configuration or modification of settings files. This means you can be up and running, ready to test your applications in just a few minutes.

After you install WampServer, it will create a directory called "www", usually in the root of your C drive. Open this directory and make a subdirectory for each of your projects. You will put your PHP files and other content in these subdirectories.

To view your content, open your browser and go to the URL Http://localhost/ and append the name of the subdirectory containing your files.

Once you see that WampServer is working, you can install software such as WordPress, Joomla or PMWiki inside your "www" directory.

WampServer works well under Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. Please note that the latest version of WampServer will not work with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. If you want to run WampServer on an XP machine, you will need to get an older version from their repository.


  • Free, complete web server with PHP and database support
  • Reliable testing environment for web applications
  • Easy set-up process
  • Uses the latest versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  • Is in active development with forums for technical support


  • The current version does not run under XP
  • The home page assumes you are already familiar with working with tools like Apache
  • It does not come with an FTP server

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